Chris Hurley has been an artist for the majority of his life. Always drawing toward the creative side starting early in his youth. Since finding glass in 1995 his focus has been on all things glass related. Initially working in the furnace, Chris began torch working shortly after. “I love the independence of torch working. There’s a sense of intimacy to the private environment which helps me connect with the medium. Through the quiet is where I hear the story that I like to reveal within my work”. In 2000, Chris began working in a laboratory, and thanks to scientific glass, he began to see the value of precision prep which he began applying to his personal work. “We would study each piece of prep to be certain of its purity before working the glass or the laser passing through would not get hot enough to work in its final product”. After a short hiatus in 2004, Chris took a workshop with Matt Eskuche and was introduced to Venetian techniques in flame working which had a big impact. This was the first time since the furnace that the same tools and techniques were being used but this time at the torch. This was so familiar that taking his personal work in the Venetian direction was a very natural transition. Today he credits the Venetian masters and Scientific community for bringing his work into the realm it is today.